Blueberries alson contain antioxidants that may help prevent certain cancers.

Wild blueberries are smaller that the cultivated variety.  Cultivated berries, available from May to October, are grown in Michigan, New Jersey, Maine, Washington and North Carolina.

Look for plimp, firm, indigo-blue berries with a silvery frost, avoiding moldy berries.  Do not wash until ready to use.  To store, refrigerate, thightly covered, for 1 week.  Or, place berries in a single layer on a papertowel on a baking sheet; freeze berries for an hour. then place in a container and freeze for up to 9 months.

Rinse blueberries thoroughly, discarding shriveled or moldy berries. pick off any stems that are still attached.  If used in muffins, toss the berries into the batter at the last moment.  Fresh berries will not bleed unless their skins are broken.