Cherry Tomatoes

The cherry tomato can be deep red or bright yellow.  Both are used in salads and as a garnish.  the yellow cherry tomato is less acidic than the red cherry tomato, which makes it less flavorful.  Both are available year-round.

Cherry tomatoes come in small plastic cartins.  choose those that are of a uniform, brioght color, with no split skins.  Sniff for fresh aroma.  Dod not refrigerate, as the flavor will deteriorate in the cold.  Store at room temperature out of the sune for only a day or 2 after ripening.

Rinse cherry tomatoes well.  Remove stems.  Slice tomatoes in hald, lengthwise.  cherry tomatoes are good in green, macaroni and vegetable salads.  They are also delicious cooked.  Quickly saute halved tomatoes in a little olive oil with fresh herbs.  Or stuff as an appetizer: halve, scoop out flesh and stuff with smoked oysters or guacamole.