Cell-o (Iceberg) Lettuce

But what would a taco be wothout crisp, shredd iceberg lwttuce?  Thai restaurants often use iceberg lettuce as a "wrapper" for their spicy appetizers such as larb and nam sod.  Iceberg lettuce is available year-round in all supermarkets.

Choose firm, densley packed heads taht are heavy for their size.  Avoid any that have browning or slimy edges.  Refrigerated, unwashed, in a sealed plastic bag for up to 2 weeks.

Remove core with a sharp kife or rap the core against the counter; then hold the core, twist it and lift out.  Run water into the cavity until it flows out of the leaves.  Invert the lettuce head and drain.  Rip lettuce leaves by hand, not with a kife; unless it is razor-sharp (duller kives will cause browning edges).  Iceberg lettuce has enough texture to hold up to a creamy, thick dressing such as blue cheese.